Green River Cemeteries

The community of Green River was originally a vast community starting at the South Carolina state line and including today’s communities of Zirconia and Tuxedo. Today’s community of Zirconia did not obtain that name until 1890. Today’s community of Tuxedo did not obtain that name until 1907.
Green River is located east of the Continental Divide. Some of the earliest settlers into Henderson County bought land in this community. Cemeteries in this community include some of the most historical cemeteries in the county.
On this web site, cemeteries that are today located in the communities of Tuxedo and Zirconia are listed under those communities.
There are four churches with cemeteries either owned and/ or maintained by the church in today’s community of Green River: Bob’s Creek Baptist Church (Henderson Cemetery), Cedar Springs Baptist Church (McDowell Cemetery), Double Springs Baptist Church (Bartlett Ward Cemetery),  and Mountain Valley Baptist Church (Pearson-Ward, Poplar Springs).
There were two cemeteries in the community with the burial sites of slaves and/or former slaves: Davis Slave Cemetery and Kingdom of the Happy Land. Both of these cemeteries have been destroyed or disappeared.
There are 12 family cemeteries located in the Green River community. Some of these are small with only a couple of graves, while others are large and still active cemeteries. They contain the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers and veterans from all wars, including one veteran who died in the Vietnam War.
There is one unknown cemetery that appears to have been destroyed or the grave stones disappeared, but the site is noted by the Henderson County Cemetery Advisory Board.
Some of these cemeteries are located deep in the woods and on top of mountains, another is in the middle of a pasture, one is in a person’s yard, another is in the middle of a field nursery, one borders new construction and all of the family cemeteries are located on private property.

Anders and Andrews Family Cemeteries

Bane/Bayne Family Cemetery

Beddingfield Family Cemetery

Bob’s Creek Baptist Church (Henderson Cemetery)

Capps Family Cemetery

Cedar Springs Baptist Church (McDowell Cemetery)

Davis Family Cemetery (Morgan-Levi)

Davis Slave Cemetery and Kingdom of the Happy Land

Double Springs Baptist Church (Bartlett Ward Cemetery)

Maybin Family Cemetery

Mountain Valley Baptist Church (Pearson-Ward, Poplar Springs)

Pace Family Cemetery

Redden Cemetery

Thompson Cemeteries

Unknown Cemetery