Capps Family Cemetery

There is a sign on Green River Road directing persons to the Capps Family Cemetery. To follow the sign, a person would have to park a vehicle on the edge of the road and crawl on hands and knees up a vertical bank about 18 to 20 feet high.
Then follow the direction the sign is pointing about 200 yards straight uphill through woods and laurel thickets, with no path or trail.
There are other ways of entering the cemetery, but both involve parking on private property near homes and hiking through the woods and laurel thickets.
At the top of the “hill,” surrounded by laurel, are the graves of Aaron Capps, 1828-1909, and his wife, Louisa Jane “Nancy” Maybin, 1825-1890. Many descendants of the couple live in the Green River community.
Aaron Capps was a son of John Capps and Mary Chadwick, and a grandson of William Capps, a Revolutionary War veteran whose grave site is at the Fortune-Kuykendall Cemetery in the Zirconia community.
Louisa Jane “Nancy” Maybin Capps is a descendant of Matthew Maybin, also a Revolutionary War veteran and one of the earliest settlers into today’s Henderson County.
In 1986, the county cemetery survey team counted an additional 10 field stones. In 2005, 16 field stones were counted. There were 12 in one row and four in another.
The undergrowth was cut out of the cemetery, but regular maintenance is an issue. The cemetery is not easily accessible and maintenance is difficult.
The cemetery was located on the property of Blaine and Mildred Levi of California.