History and Heritage

Classes on the history and heritage of Henderson County are taught through the Continuing Education Department at Blue Ridge Community College.

There are three classes. An afternoon class and evening class covering prehistory to 1860 are offered the first half of each semester. An afternoon and evening class covering 1860 through most of the 20th century are offered the second half of each semester. The class covering 1920 to the 21st century is offered the first half of the fall semester and the second half of the winter/spring semester. Registration is through Blue Ridge Community College. It is strongly recommended that students take the first two classes before registering for the third class.

Students can download or use the information on this site for the course. Persons using information or material on this site for purposes outside of the class are requested to credit the web site or the instructor and researcher, Jennie Jones Giles.

Click on the links below for resources, timelines, class summaries and more information on the history and heritage of Henderson County.

(Please note that more detailed historical information on the communities in Henderson County and some individual families can be found in the “Communities” section of this web site and the “Historical Cemeteries” section of this web site. Using the search field will give a reader more information on a specific topic or name.)


Prehistory to 1860

1860 to 1920

1920 to 21st Century

Clicking on the link below will produce a map of the traditional communities within Henderson County.