Bob’s Creek Baptist Church (Henderson Cemetery)

Bob’s Creek Baptist Church was organized between 1900 and 1920. The church is located off Bob’s Creek Road in the Green River community.
The church is now maintaining and using a cemetery located not far from the church. When the Henderson County Genealogical and Historical Society conducted the cemetery survey in 1986 members of the society named the cemetery the Henderson Cemetery.
The reason of this naming for the cemetery is not clear. Martha J. Peace was born in 1894 in South Carolina and married Henry Henderson. She died in 1923. A daughter of this couple, who died in 1958, has a grave site in the cemetery.
But, this cemetery was used much earlier than dates related to this family.
Louise, wife of J.P. Anders, has a marked grave stone in the cemetery. She was born in 1873 and died in 1904. This was Louisa Redden who married Joseph Pinkney Anders. The couple had five children. After the death of his wife, Joseph P. Anders re-married and moved to Buncombe County. The Redden family lived in the Bob’s Creek section of the Green River community, on both sides of the state line.
Joseph P. Anders was a son of Henson Anders. Members of the Anders family settled in the community between 1820 and 1830. Please refer to information written under the Anders and Andrews Family Cemeteries in the Green River community.
Also, an infant son of A.H. and Laura Levi has a grave stone in the cemetery with a death date of 1918.
There are at least 18 unmarked field stones within the cemetery. There is a strong possibility that some of these field stones mark the graves of members of the Anders family, Redden family and Levi family.
This church is still an active cemetery of Bob’s Creek Baptist Church.