There are three cemeteries in the Upward community and one grave site.
There are two distinct cemeteries at the end of Jones Cemetery Road in Upward. Land surveys and cemetery surveys are confusing and differ as to which graves are within which cemetery.
Jones Cemetery Road ends with a circular drive that circles up a hill, with graves on either side, then circles back down the hill, again with graves on either side. Both cemeteries are surrounded by an apple orchard.
Basically, the graves within the inner circle are within the Jones Cemetery at Upward. There are a couple of graves on the left and right, at the front, that some people consider within the Jones Family Cemetery.
The Upward Kelley Memorial Church Cemetery primarily consists of the graves to the left and to the right of the circular drive. There are no church graves within the inner circle.

Gilbert-Justus Cemetery

Jones Family Cemetery at Upward

Livesay Cemetery

Upward Kelley Memorial Church Cemetery