Gilbert-Justus Cemetery

This cemetery is located behind homes off Ridgeway Drive in the Upward community. Ridgeway Drive is off Howard Gap Loop Road.
The old wagon road access to the cemetery is between 30 Ridgeway Drive and 60 Ridgeway Drive. The cemetery is within a subdivision, in the backyard of several houses, bordering a horse pasture, with no access without crossing private property.
The cemetery is on the old homestead of William Justus, according to deeds in the Henderson County Courthouse. In 1901, the Justus descendants conveyed the land containing the cemetery to Caroline Gilbert, who was living on the property at the time. In a deed dated July 15, 1935, U.G. Hill and wife, Marie, sold the property containing the cemetery to Henry M. Davis and his wife, Orie A. The deed states, “all the land owned and occupied by William Justus Sr. and which was in the possession of Caroline Gilbert at the time of the deed to her from the heirs of said William Justus Sr., adjacent the lands of the Joseph Gilbert old home place.”
John Justus Jr. owned land on Clear Creek, Hungry Creek and Bats Fork Creek. William Justus also owned the land near Bats Fork Creek and to the Green River.
At the most recent cleaning more than 40 unmarked field stones were counted. Two cleanings since 2005 located field stones that were not seen before the cleanings. There are several distinct rows of graves and the rows extend farther into the woods, near the old wagon road, than was previously believed.
People, who lived near the cemetery, descendants of John Justus Jr. and the Gilbert family, state that by the early 1900s this was a community cemetery for persons who lived in this area.
Ernest Justus, who lived and grew up near the cemetery, said that he remembered funerals at the cemetery and the way to the cemetery was through the old wagon road.
This cemetery is located on land that was owned by John Justus Jr. and his brother, William Justus. Descendants, family members and county researchers state that his grave site is among the unmarked and indecipherable stones at this cemetery, as is that of his brother William Justus.
The grave stones of several descendants who died prior to 1901 most likely have grave sites at this cemetery, including those of a daughter, Rachel Justus and her husband, Jacob Cagle.
The only decipherable stone within the cemetery is that of Isabella Justus (1809-1851), the first wife of William T. Justus (1809-1888) who later moved to Texas.
This cemetery is not maintained and is considered endangered.
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