There are six cemeteries within the Etowah community.
One is a community cemetery, Oak Forest.
Two are church cemeteries, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery and Old Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery.
Three are family cemeteries: Thomas-Fletcher Family Cemetery, Justus Family Cemetery and Tilley Hill.
The Mallett Family Cemetery (Henry) could be considered within the Etowah community. This cemetery is also considered part of the Big Willow community. For purposes of this web site, it is listed in the Big Willow community.
Researchers, students and readers should note that cemeteries are important to historical research. Surnames, death and birth dates, and more give us valuable insight and clues as to the historical families within a given community.

Justus Family Cemetery

Oak Forest Cemetery

Old Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

Thomas-Fletcher Family Cemetery

Tilley Hill Cemetery

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery