Uno or Jimision Cemetery

There are about 30 graves in a cemetery off Fruitland Road and U.S. 64 East.
Homes and woods conceal the home from view of persons traveling the highway. The only access is by crossing private property.
The cemetery is listed on county tax records as Uno Section Cemetery, consisting of 1.11 acre, with no address or person listed as responsible for it. There is no deed book or page number listed to trace a former owner or trustee.
Private property surrounds all sides of the cemetery, but there is a trail into the wooded area currently from a travel trailer park. Due to its wooded setting there is little undergrowth.
In the cemetery are the graves of James Jimison, 1801-1883, and his wife, Mary L. Jimison, 1816-1891. One of their daughters, Arsena T. Jimison, was the second wife of Solomon Jones the roadbuilder who lived in the Big Willow community.
The Jimison family settled along Clear Creek about 1850. James Jimison was a schoolteacher and farmer. He married Mary Louise Duncan. The couple’s children married persons with the surnames Livingston, Murray and Thompson.