Unknown Confederate Soldier

There is a tall monument and plaque found on Wash Freeman Road in Edneyville in honor of an unknown soldier.
Legend says a young soldier was camping in a ravine near Laurel Creek with two other Confederate soldiers.
A Confederate conscription guard was sent out by Ambrose Featherstone to round up Confederate deserters reportedly seen in the area, writes Frank Fitzsimons in his book “From the Banks of the Oklawaha.”
Burgan Whitaker, Jacob Lyda and John Case were in the detail sent in search of deserters, Fitzsimons writes in telling the folk tale.
The soldiers camping in the ravine were found. They ran from the men and one was shot and killed.
Daily Lyda Freeman tended the grave since she was a child and kept flowers on it, Fitzsimons wrote.
The late Barry Hollingsworth with the Sons of Confederate Veterans had the monument and plaque made.