Tracy Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

In the late 1880s or early 1890s the church in Tracy Grove was established as a non-denominational church. Charter members stated that it was called Tracy Grove Union Church.
Later, the church became an independent Baptist church.
The oldest grave in the cemetery is that of William E. McMurray (1885-1889), son of Andrew McMurray. Other early graves are those of Glover McCall (1878-1905), Lela M. Bane (1905-1907), S.T. Staton (1848-1909), Artemus Parker (1911-1912), Nannie Halford (1887-1915), Helen Jackson (1916-1916), and Agnes Melinda Justice Clark (1846-1916).
The grave site of Marcus Allard Case (1882-1954), who served as Henderson County Sheriff from 1916 to 1920, is within the cemetery.
There is one Confederate grave within the cemetery: Joseph A. Williams.
There are three Union graves within the cemetery: William Nicholas Clark, Lankford Huggins and Andrew W. McMurray.
Two men who died in World War II have grave sites within the cemetery: Everette Irshman Cox (1910-1944) and Ray Wilford McGraw (1923-1944).