Shaw’s Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

Shaw’s Creek Baptist Church was organized in 1873. Charter members were Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Cox, John Garren, George Washington Mace, Joseph McCrary, Sally McCrary, Lucinda McCrary and Lou McCrary.
A log church was the first building on the property of the McCrary’s. Ten years later, Lucinda McCrary gave the church two acres of land where the church is now located.
In 1889, a public school was held in the church building.
in 1904 additional land was given to the church.
The present church building was constructed in 1928. Additions were added in 1952, 1857 and 1969.
The oldest graves in the church cemetery are those of Josiah Davis (1820-1885) and Lou Emma Anders (1884-1885).
Surnames of persons with grave sites in the cemetery include Allen, Anders, Bruce, Cox, Crawford, Dalton, Davis, Erwin, Fore, Howard, Merrell, McCarson, McCrary, McCullough, Orr, Sexton, Sizemore, and others.
There are about 56 unmarked or illegible grave stones in the cemetery, some are broken stones.