Searcy-Clement Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located on private property off N.C. 9 in Bat Cave near the Buncombe County line. The cemetery was recently located and is not listed in the Henderson County N.C. Cemeteries book. It is noted on the Henderson County GIS layer.
Access to the cemetery is difficult and one must cross private property and hike to the cemetery.
The cemetery measures about 25 feet by 50 feet.
Fourteen graves were identified. Eleven of the graves have inscribed head stones. One stone has initials and two are unmarked field stones.
From the inscribed stones, it appears that this cemetery was that of the family of William B. Searcy (1839-1904) and his wife, Martha C. Hudgins Searcy (1840-1917).
Three of the couple’s children have marked graves at the cemetery. One child died in 1897 and the other child died in 1960. This is the most recent grave in the cemetery.
Another daughter, Lela Searcy (1866-1946) married David Lafayette Clements (1858-1911). Their graves are within the cemetery. Two of the couple’s infant children are buried in the cemetery. One child died in 1894 and the other in 1898.
The cemetery is in good condition.
More descendants of this family have grave sites at Bald Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery in Buncombe County. “As the crow flies,” the two cemeteries are not far apart.