Owenby-Moore Cemetery

This is an amended version of a newspaper article first published in 2005 in the Hendersonville Times-News.

By Jennie Jones Giles
Off North Mills River Road, near Whitaker Lane, and on top of a small mountain is the Owenby-Moore Cemetery.
The cemetery is in a cleared thicket of laurels, deep in the woods. One must hike up a forested trail to the top of the mountain.
Mark Moore, 1848-1921, moved to Henderson County from Rutherford County, according to family history. His first wife was a Waldrop and his second wife a Rickman.
They owned property between North and South Mills River.
He and several of his children are buried at the nearby Whitaker Cemetery (Whitaker-Moore). A son, M.A. Moore (1884-1970), owned and operated a small country store and grain mill on Whitaker Lane for many years.
Mark Moore’s son, Marion, owned adjacent property and the old family cemetery (Owenby-Moore) was located between the two pieces of property.
But, this old cemetery contains history possibly earlier than that of the Moore family.
The only stones found were those of Madison N. Owenby, 1801-1870; A.R. Moore, died 1875; John R. Moore, 1869-1870; Julia T. Moore, 1873-1874; and three field stones.
The owner of the forested property in 2005, Carmen Burke, wanted a sign put up at the road, directing descendants to the cemetery, she said.
“It would be nice if a group could mark or make a trail from where the old road ends to the cemetery,” she said.
The cemetery is in a beautiful, natural setting. Due to the laurel and trees, there is not much undergrowth. It is possible more stones could be found if the area was probed and raked.
This is an abandoned cemetery and has not been maintained.