Osteen-Patterson Cemetery

An old family cemetery off Jeter Mountain Road is now under the care of Crab Creek Baptist Church.
Named the Osteen Family Cemetery in the Henderson County, North Carolina Cemeteries book, the cemetery was later used by the Patterson family. It is now known as the Osteen-Patterson Cemetery.
The old cemetery is now an active cemetery of Crab Creek Baptist Church and is maintained.
The oldest grave is that of Solomon Osteen, 1816-1871.
At the time of the cemetery survey in 1993, there were 11 distinct rows with 31 field stones marking grave sites.
During maintenance of the cemetery the old field stones were removed and pushed into a gully.
The remaining marked grave stones are no longer found in the rows where they were located in 1993.
Therefore, the historical integrity of the cemetery was destroyed and the location of graves is not known.
The grave site of one Confederate soldier can be found at the cemetery.
Alfred Lafayette Patterson enlisted in the 62nd Infantry Regiment, Co. E, on 10-25-1862. He deserted 4-19-1863 at Zollicoffer, Tenn. He died in 1894.