Old Hogney Church Cemetery and Old Brown’s Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery

Brown’s Chapel Methodist Church

There was a Methodist church in the Clear Creek community prior to 1890 and prior to the formation of Moore’s Grove United Methodist Church.
Brown’s Chapel Methodist Church was listed in Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory in 1890 and 1896. This church no longer exists.
The remnants of the church cemetery are located in a wooded front yard on Burge Mountain Road.
Since the only two engraved stones are members of the Garren family, it is sometimes referred to as the Garren Family Cemetery.
Most of the stones have disappeared, either removed and/or buried under years of soil and leaves.
The two engraved stones are those of Mary Garren (1818-1892) and Joseph Garren (1812-1883).

 Hogney Church

There was a church named Hogney at the border of Clear Creek and Hooper’s Creek in the 1890s.
On the south side of Couch Mountain, across from Locust Grove Baptist Church, was the site of the old Hogney school and church from the 1890s.
The school and church were on the property of Nathan Drake, who entered Henderson County prior to 1810, along with his brother Hezekiah and mother, Winifred Massey Drake.
A building on the property was used for a church and a school from about 1895 to about 1898.
There are approximately 13 graves marked with fieldstones.
Family records and information from descendants as passed through word of mouth indicate that the following people were buried in the cemetery: Winifred Massey Drake; Mary Ann Gentle; Jane Gentle; Metta Gentle Drake; and infants of John McMinn, George McMinn and Pink Maxwell.