Mount Crystal Cemetery

This cemetery is located near the top of Jump-off Mountain in the town of Laurel Park. It is located near the town’s water tower, water tanks and a pumping station.
There were 22 unmarked field stones located in the cemetery in the late 1990s.
This was at the site of the Mount Crystal Baptist Church. This church formed in 1892. When the development of Laurel Park Estates began, the church moved to Hebron Mountain and changed its name to Jones Gap Baptist Church.
A single grave with a stone was moved from a home site in Laurel Park to this location in 2002. This was the grave of Sarah McCarson (1815-1839).
The grave stones could be older than 1892 as none of the stones have names or inscriptions. It is possible that this cemetery began as a family cemetery. The Shipman, Evans and McCarson families owned land near this location. William R. Shipman and wife, Minerva Evans Shipman, sold the property to A.P. and James McCarson in 1891. The Mount Crystal Baptist Church was then located on the property until the church trustees sold the land to the Toms family when the church moved to Mount Hebron.