Macedonia Baptist Church

Macedonia Baptist Church was officially founded in 1898. Families were meeting though prior to this date. Family records and other primary source documents indicate that this church was founded about 1892.
Founding members included families with the following surnames: Arledge, Bishop, Guice, Jones, Pace, Revis, Ward and Williams.
The oldest marked grave in the cemetery is that of Emma Leonora Arledge, unmarried daughter of Eli Arledge and Mathursa Adeline Pace Arledge, who died in 1896. Other old grave stones include J. Emory Bishop who died in 1900 and Eli Arledge who died in 1904.
There are two men who served in the Confederate Army with grave sites in the cemetery: Eli Arledge and Thomas H. Williams who died in 1927.
Eli Arledge enlisted in the 25th N.C. Infantry Regiment, Co. A, Edney’s Greys, on 9-3-1863. He was captured 4-2-1865 at Petersburg during the Appomattox Campaign, a prisoner at Point Lookout, Md., and released 6-22-1865. He died in 1904.
Thomas H. Williams’ service is only based on pension records. No Confederate service records were located. According to pension records, he enlisted in the 56th N.C. Infantry Regiment, Co. G, Henderson Rifles. He died in 1927.
Grave stones in the cemetery include persons with surnames of Arledge, Barkley, Bishop, Blackwell, Fletcher, Guice, Johnson, Jones, Pace, Revis, Ward, Williams and others.
The old field stones noting the graves of persons buried in the cemetery were removed some time prior to the cemetery survey in 1991. It is documented through death certificates and family records that there are graves in this cemetery that were marked by field stones or possibly indecipherable stones that can no longer be located in this cemetery due to this removal.