Locust Grove Baptist Church and Cemetery

Locust Grove Baptist Church in the Clear Creek community was founded in 1898, according to church records and minutes.
The oldest grave stone in the church cemetery is that of Ida May S. McMinn, 1881-1902.
Graves in the cemetery, as in other church cemeteries, tell the story of the people who lived in the community.
Surnames of families with grave stones in the cemetery include McMinn, Gentle, Corn, Drake, Glaspy, Watkins, Barnwell, Stepp and Maxwell.
The grave site of one Confederate veteran is located in the cemetery.
Joseph S. Gentle enlisted in the 25th N.C. Infantry Regiment, Co. H, Cane Creek Rifles, on 5-1-1863. He was wounded between 4-18-1864 and 4-20-1864 at the Battle of Plymouth in Washington County, N.C., captured 4-1-1865 at the Battle of Five Forks during the Appomattox Campaign, a prisoner at Hart’s Island, New York Harbor, and released 6-20-1865. He died in 1910.