Little Pisgah Cemeteries

There are two small cemeteries within Henderson County on Little Pisgah Mountain in the Gerton community.
Since the graves are marked only with old field stones, it is not possible to know who might be buried there.
Near the top of Little Pisgah Mountain on Dalton property are at least four graves marked with field stones. These graves are about 50 feet from the road.
A locked gate blocks access to the road leading up Little Pisgah Mountain. Property owners on the mountain have keys as do emergency officials within the community of Gerton.
There was another cemetery on the mountain containing graves of the Sumner family. These graves were moved to the Fruitland Cemetery sometime after 1930. Some of the unmarked field stones may not have been moved. Approximately two and four-tenths of a mile up the mountain, on the right and down into a valley, are numerous field stones scattered throughout the area. It appears the stones were trampled and stomped by cattle. Persons who live in the Gerton community said timber cutters also tore up many of the stones.
Since many of the stones are broken and in pieces, determining the number would be a major undertaking, as would restoration.
East of Gerton on the property of the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy are two graves marked with field stones on a ridge east of a home once owned by Furman Warren. These graves are not too far from the new trail head to Little Pisgah Mountain off U.S. 74.