Jackson Family Cemetery

The Jackson Family Cemetery contains the grave of the John Jackson family. It sits atop Point Lookout in the Edneyville community.
“The grave site contains the remains of John Jackson and members of his family who were some of the original inhabitants of Henderson County when it was organized in 1838,” said Gerald Jackson of Elgin, S.C.
John Jackson had, at one time, owned the property where the cemetery is located. On the knoll surrounding the cemetery grew peaches. He operated a gristmill on the small creek that flows alongside the road near the mountain, family members report. Jackson was also a Confederate veteran of the Civil War.
His descendants include former sheriffs and judges.
In the late 1970s, family members, with the permission of the landowner, cleaned the cemetery, removed a headstone and erected a monument, which stood 6 feet high by 21/2 feet wide by 10 inches thick. Inscribed on the monument are the names of John Jackson; his wife, Elizabeth Brown; and their children who were known to be interred in the cemetery, including a 10-year-old girl who died after a rattlesnake bit her. The monument has inscriptions on both sides.
The land is currently owned by Karen Stepp Carswell, a member of the Henderson County Cemetery Advisory Board. The cemetery is protected.
The monument was placed flat near the ground for safety reasons.
The original headstones and field stones were removed by the family; therefore, the historical integrity of the cemetery was destroyed.
Dudley Jackson, a descendant, said the family has one original headstone.
John W. Jackson enlisted in the 65th Regiment N.C. Troops (6th Regiment N.C. Cavalry) in 1864. He served through the war. He died in 1897.