Hammett Family Cemetery

The old Hammett Family Cemetery in the middle of a field in the Tracy Grove community is one of the most mysterious in Henderson County. Early residents believed it was an Indian cemetery, as quartz rocks covered some of the graves.
For decades, an island of trees and brush concealed the cemetery from view, even from neighbors along Orchard Road and Howard Gap Road.
All the old field stones were broken and down.
Old deeds from Hammett to Blackwell called for one acre for the cemetery. At the corner of the tract is the only readable tombstone, that of Hezekiah Dunn.
Dunn’s Creek, which flows through the area, was named for Hezekiah Dunn.
In 2010, Brandon Nix earned his Eagle Scout rank by cleaning and restoring the Hammett Cemetery. He was recognized with a resolution of appreciation by the Henderson County Board of Commissioners.
To see a photo of the cemetery prior to the clean up, visit
This is the cemetery today, thanks to Eagle Scout Brandon Nix:

Hammett cleanup 2