Collins Cemetery

The Collins Cemetery off Little Creek Road near Sugarloaf Mountain and behind Chimney Rock was near a planned development.
There are seven graves, one marked with a marble stone, that of Druscilla Collins, who died in 1868.
“There are two to three big markers flat on the ground and two to three other markers out of the ground,” said Jay Jackson, chair of the Henderson¬† County Cemetery Advisory Committee.
One of the unmarked graves is that of Mamie Edney, said resident Geraldine Edney Staton.
“She died at the age of 9,” Staton said.
The girl, the sister of Staton’s father, Falium Newton Edney, died of burns when her flannel gown caught fire from flames in the fireplace.
Staton wants to have access to the graves and put a fence around the area.
The Cemetery Advisory Committee has placed the cemetery on the county’s Geographical Information System’s cemetery layer.
There was a concern that the graves were in a planned development. Traditional access to the graves was across property owned by the developer. “No Trespass” signs were at the access point to the cemetery.
County technicians plotted the cemetery location.
“It is at the edge of property owned by Gary Firmender of Isle of Palms, S.C., up a very steep hill at the highest point in that area,” Jackson said.
On Aug. 16, 2005, on a recommendation from a subcommittee, the Planning Board voted to amend the appendices. As of Aug. 16, 2005, cemeteries are required to be noted in development plans, the final plat and the master plan of any future developments.
Staff at the Planning Board enforces these amendments by checking the GIS cemetery layer on the county’s GIS mapping system and with a site visit by the subdivision administrator.
But, any plans submitted prior to Aug. 16 are not required to meet these regulations.