Bethel Wesleyan Church Cemetery

Bethel Wesleyan Church was the first Wesleyan church established in Henderson County.
The church was organized in 1922. Charter members were members of the Capps, McCall, Kilpatrick, Corn and Duncan families. At first the members met in the Tracy Grove Union Church.
In 1926 members built a church on land donated by James Adger Smyth.
The church purchased the Tracy Grove School property in 1933. Additions were added to the original wooden building.
Moultrie H. Smyth, son of James Adger Smyth, donated land for a new sanctuary in 1957. In 1964, the wooden building was brick veneered and additions were added.
Smyth also donated land for the cemetery, with a section reserved for members of the Smyth family.
The oldest grave in the cemetery is that of Julia M. Capps (1885-1958).
Families with the surnames of Blackwell, Blythe, Capps, Case, Corn, Fuller, Henderson, Justus, Lappin, McKay, McMurray, Pace and Smyth have grave sites within the cemetery.